Summer Solstice - Celebration of Community

October 24, 2016

June 07, 2016 - June 20, 2016

Come and join us around the sacred fire!  Activities and entertainment for all ages and abilities.  Everyone is welcome. Bring your own picnic.

When: June 19th at 10:30 am - 10:00 pm. at Dundonald Park - Corner of Lyon and Somerset. Rain or shine.

Dundonal Park Summer Solstice Fire

The ceremonial fire will burn on the longest day of the year - the Summer Solstice, a day that has long been celebrated as the Festival of Fire. The ceremonial fire will create a gathering point at the Dundonald Park, bringing people together regardless of who they are, and helping to foster positive relationships within the park community and the neighbourhood.

Fire teaches us to communicate even in silence as we stand by its light and warmth, and it creates an environment of equality. Positive attributes such as energy, power, passion, action and creativity are associated with fire.

The small sacred ceremonial fire will burn at the East end of the park, which from the Indigenous perspective is the direction of new beginnings.  The fire circles through the four directions east, south, west and north - the same directions found within the medicine wheel. Each direction of the medicine wheel/fire represents different aspects of human health and/or cycles of life.  

East: The spark of the fire represents new beginnings.

South: Represents nurturing and growth, inviting us to move from action to looking within ourselves, enabling the community to grow in acceptance and understanding.

West: Represents emotion and reflection. Having gone within, the smoke from the ceremonial fire takes our intentions, thoughts, reflections and prayers and offers them to the universe.

North: Represents wisdom and understanding that is gained from our experiences along our life path. In wisdom there is enlightenment, turning darkness to light, illuminating what we have not seen before.

Once the fire dies the ashes are grey like the hair of our elders (grandparents).  Wisdom is gained throughout our life cycle and our elders have much to teach us.  Fire sees beyond the darkness of a person’s behaviour to the goodness that lies within.  Through this, fire has the power to transform individuals and communities.

We all move through these stages/directions and each person has knowledge and experience to share. With each ending there is a beginning. Through the ceremonial fire and this new beginning, community members are encouraged to see their community in a new, inclusive and better light; where we all have something to share and are connected and similar in our humanity.